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Editorial Board

Editor    Norio Sakai

Associate Editors
Tomoichiro Asano
Kazuo Awai
Hideki Ohdan
Shiro Oka
Tatsuhiko Kubo
Shinya Takahashi
Yukio Takeshima
Akio Tanaka
Noboru Hattori
Nobutaka Horie
Hirofumi Maruyama

The Hiroshima J. Med. Sci is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal in English published quarterly by HiroshimaUniversity Medical Press, with a history of more than 50 years since publishing its first issue in 1951.

This journal fulfils a vital role in providing an avenue to swiftly announce research to the rest of the world. With the current internationalisation and diversification of research, the aim of this journal is the proactive submission of English-language papers in medical-related fields. We look forward to receiving many submissions of papers in English.

Hiroshima Daigaku Igaku Zasshi

“The Hiroshima University medical journal” is issuing around one or two times a year by a Japanese journal (in Abstract an English sentence) irregularly now. I accept general remarks, the original work about medicine, pharmacy, health studies (nursing science, physiotherapy studies, work load law) and the manuscript of the wide field including the general news.
Hiroshima Daigaku Igaku Zasshi is published one or two times a year irregularly.

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